Campsite Info:

  • Free program that offers breakfast (8:15am-8:45am) and lunch (11:15am - 11:45am)
  • Children must be ages 5-18 to stay at campsite without a parent present.
  • Children under the age of 5 can come and eat breakfast & lunch but cannot stay at site without parent.
  • Camps are open from 8:00am - Noon

Camp Locations:

​Bishop Center- 201 Ash Avenue

Mullins Center- 136 Hamilton Street

Feeding Locations Info:

  • Any child eating solid food through age 18 can go to location and have a free breakfast & lunch
  • Locations are only open during meal serving times - breakfast (8:15am-8:45am) and lunch (11:15 am - 11:45 am)

Feeding  location Sites:

Canteen- 217 Washington Ave SW

Eastside Aparments - 100 Eastside Plaza

Westside Apartments - 100 Westside Plaza

Mon - Fri 8am - 12pm ( Ralph Bishop Center & Chucky Mullins Center)

Our "Summer Feeding Program" offers the children of our community a free healthy Breakfast & Lunch every day during the summer periods June 3 - July 26th at both our recreation facilities.  

Summer Feeding Program